I have been taking children’s book writing classes. An agent once critiqued my manuscript and gave me feedback that I needed to work on my writing craft, but the good news was my writing had a good “voice”. I also got illustrator portfolio feedback from an art director who told me that my art was not consistent, and I needed to develop my “visual voice” artist style.

Meditating about the meaning “voice” as your personal expression led to me thinking about it as being like a camera lens that expresses your Spirit. Finding your voice is also finding your Spirit and expressing it. However, once you find it the next step is the work of believing in your voice. The biggest challenge is letting go of the inner critic in your head and emotionally healing the negative thoughts that tell you how you are not good enough. It is also filtering the external critics who do not understand or resonate with the expression of your Spirit.

Rainbow Heart Spirit Words Heart Art Painting
Rainbow Heart Spirit Words Heart Art Painting

The above painting is “Rainbow Heart Spirit Words”. When I got the idea for the painting, it felt grand. After painting it, I was disappointed. It did not seem to meet that inner expression I had hoped for and I wondered about sharing it publicly. My inner critic was strong about its faults.

I reminded myself that others will have different views for better or worse. Who was I not to share it? If I believe in my Spirit, then I should believe there was a reason I was inspired to paint it.

This art piece has gone on to be deeply enjoyed by a variety of people in ways that have surprised me. It has also come back to inspire me too.

I see the painting now with a new awareness as a metaphor for life. There are dreams in our heads that can feel fuzzy but perfect. Taking a dream into real expression requires courage. No shiny idea ever turns out exactly as planned. The important thing is to keep expressing yourself and remembering your Spirit comes from a place of love, not fear.

Discovering and loving your Spirit and giving voice to it is a lifelong journey. I wish you well on your road to artistic discovery.

Creatively Yours,
Laurel Latto
Spirit Playbook Artist

P.S. If you have any thoughts, insights, or questions please do share them with a comment on this post.

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