"Color" Word Art Watercolor using Complementary and Split Complementary Colors
“Color” Word Art Watercolor using Complementary and Split Complementary Color Scheme

Getting started with creativity is more than having a particular project ideas to create, it is a mindset that believes you are a creative person.  When your mind speaks to yourself about your ability to create, what does it say:

  • “I am talented.” or “I have no talent.”
  • “I am creative.” or “Other people are creative but not me.”
  • “I enjoy my art projects and it is a passion.” or “I am no good and what I make is disappointing.”

When someone else compliments you on your art,

do you accept the compliment or doubt it?

The first step in the creative process is making sure you “speak” kindly to yourself.  When you look at other people’s art, you are seeing their finished project.  There is an expression, “Don’t compare your backstage to someone else’s frontstage.”    You have no idea their background, training, and rough drafts that it took to get to that place.

So, when you think about creating art, don’t shut down the conversation with negative self-talk before you even begin your project.  I have struggled with my own negative mindset which is partially why I do not share more often to Spirit Playbook.   

Instead, give yourself compliments and encouragement:

  • “I am on a creative adventure.”
  • “I give myself permission to explore artistic ideas.”
  • “Everyone starts a beginner. I enjoy the discovery process of creating.”

In the spirit of exploration, I offer the idea to play with “complementary” colors while you keep a “complimentary” creative mindset.

Complementary colors that are “opposite” on the color wheel.  When you mix the paint complementary colors together, they cancel each out into a muddy black.  When you place them next to each other, they appear vivid.  A complementary color split when you use the color on either side of the opposite color.

Color Wheel Table
Complementary Colors Table

Take this color chart as guidance but not absolute rules. If it makes your head hurt then follow the sample don’t worry about it.  If you liked the watercolor sample, I wanted to explain why it visually looked interesting.

Most of all have fun and play while you explore your creativity! Share your creations in the Facebook group and continue your creative conversation.

Creatively Yours,
Laurel Latto
Spirit Playbook Artist

P.S. Learn more about complementary colors and see color wheels on Wikipedia.

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Complementary Colors Word Art Drawing
Complementary Colors Word Art Drawing
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Complimentary Mindset for your Creative Practice

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